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I was contacted to review LoseIt tea & I did as I always do I go check out the company before saying yes. As I was reading the website & what others had to say one thing kept jumping out to me, what was that? It was the fact that this tea yes helps you lose weight but that is not really the total focus, being healthy is the focus. If you have read my blog for any length of time you already know I believe in health first & that from living & eating healthy proper weight will come for most. I am not into fad diets or even just taking natural diet pills & I have even said that the current recent craze of a few natural weight loss supplements & herbs have even caused people to not see how great those very weight loss products are for over all health & more. So it is refreshing to me to see a company that is trying to help others lose weight but the goal is by helping them detox & get healthy.

I knew I would love using this tea, because well I love tea, this tea is organic & gluten free, LoseIt is loose tea, & this program is using getting healthy for people to reach their proper weight. I have already lost over 105 lbs & figured this tea would be a great addition to staying healthy & keeping the weight off. So yes to say I was excited to try this tea was an understatement. And now several weeks in I am still excited to be using this tea.

LoseIt offers several packages & I opted for the 21 day Detox Program Lit Pack, there are 3 packs to chose from but I felt this pack was a great starting point for me. These kits come with 2 tea packs for 21 days of tea making, The Way to LoseIt Detox Tea & The Way to CleanseIt Colon Cleanse tea.

On day one I decided to drink 1 cup of the Detox tea first, it is very easy to make, steep 1 tsp in boiling water for 10 minutes. This tea has some of my very favorite teas in it all together for one amazing taste. Ingredients like Organic Dandelion Root that I already love using for my digestion & is so soothing to me, but this tea also has Organic Goji Berries, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Acai Berry & more. All these organic ingredients combine  for an amazing taste sensation that is both relaxing & energizing while being soothing to me as I sipped.

Later in the day I drank one cup of the Colon Cleanse tea, it is just as easy to make. And again this tea has some of my favorite things in it like Organic Psyllium Husk, Organic Aloe Vera Leaves, Organic Peppermint & more. This combo is probably my favorite taste in a tea ever, the peppermint taste is soothing yet an amazing as it compliments the other tastes.

Both of these teas offer a pleasing aroma that is all part of the experience I am looking for when drinking tea. Yes I want my hot teas to taste fresh & amazing but I also want the aroma to draw me in so I can just chill & enjoy & these teas gave me that. They tasted pure & fresh & I found myself looking forward to sitting down & enjoying them each day.

Can you tell I really liked these teas? Am I drooling to much? It is not often I can tell you that I not only recommend a product & I am also willing to go further than just recommending I also added LoseIt to my list for my fans on where to buy.

But what were my results: I already eat pretty healthy & was not expecting major detox & even though I did detox it was very mild so your detox could be different than mine. But even so I felt more energy, less stress, less hunger between meals, I also had a great since of well-being. Even though I had lost 105 ibs by the time this tea arrived I actually lost 5 more lbs & instead of the fluctuations I had become used to I have remained steady at that weight & that makes me very happy.

To check out LoseIt Tea, the Lit Pack, how to buy your own, information from DrSara & more go to the LoseIt tea website here

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