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Silver edge colloidal silver generator I already loved colloidal silver before buying the Silver Edge generator, but I for sure could not wait to get this generator & see if there was a difference, & oh boy I went from loving colloidal silver to in total amazement of colloidal silver, & since we can make a QT so cheaply I expanded the way I use it. Check out my other blog post “My purse is a total mini natural health pharmacy on my shoulder” where I say how great colloidal silver is.

I did use colloidal silver in my cancer treatment 3 years ago & I did get some made with a Silver Edge generator at the time as well, but I had no idea till after how good colloidal silver was for cancer, maybe that’s part of why I did so well..

But back to my generator, it arrived speedy, they ship fast, it comes with a timer so that saying “set it & forget it” comes to mind 🙂

I made my first 10 PPM batch without a hitch & if I had an issue they offer a video to help. Let me tell you having colloidal silver in our home has very fast moved to the top 10 most used items that we use for everything

When taking for health put under your tongue & hold for a minute then swish in your mouth a minute & swallow, also do not store or put in plastic, use dark glass bottles/jars or a glass bottle/jar kept in a dark cupboard or sit jar in a brown paper bag etc

Ways we use Colloidal silver other than for health, with baking soda to wash our face, exfoliate, to spray hair, in shampoo recipes, in cleaners, to repel roaches, to spray face & skin as a moisturizer & prevent acne, pimples & blackheads, spritzed on foods & drinks as we put them away to keep fresh longer, to wash fruits & veges , in eyes for allergy eyes, pink eye,in our water to purify it, deodorant, mixed with clay powder  in a mask, in dishwasher & dish water, in laundry, in bath water, in our animals water & on their fur & for sores Etc , ETC & etc oh & ETC

I recently also mentioned using colloidal silver to preserve rosewater & plantain water as well.

As I said we do take it for health, it’s a must for building the immune system , have you ever thought about rather our bodies could actually be deficient in silver? here are a few great articles that cover that topic, Article 1 and Article 2

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You will notice in a lot of my DIY posts I recommend colloidal silver, but where do I buy mine? I make my own with a Colloidal silver generator, I can make a qt for just pennies.

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