Review: Ultimitt – The Ultimate Tanning Applicator Mitt By Thermalabs

Perfect for Self Tanning Sunless Tan Gloves or Self Tanner Mitts.

This Mitt makes I difference.. If you apply self tanner you need this mitt, I noticed a much smoother application with this mitt & overall it worked ok. It may not be the best I have ever tried but it does the job & is not cheaply made, I’ve used cheaper a1mitts that fell apart pretty quickly, so far so good on this one not falling apart, that is a big plus. It helps to apply the tanner evenly, faster, cleaner, streak-free. I am sure you can use it with all kinds of tan creams or mousses. It took some learning for me to get it off without making a mess, but once I figured it out all was fine. I wash with warm water, if needed I just use a natural soap. I found my hand to not slide around like some of the mits do, No bleeding onto my hands or anything.

I must apologize to Ultimitt for being slow with this review & for the fact I took some nice pictures that I can not figure out what folder I put them in. I thought I had already done this review & may have even deleted the pictures.

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