Review: Insulated Double Wall Vacuum Water Bottle by MIRA Brands – Cola Shaped

High-quality vacuum insulated water bottle from MIRA Brands. Keep your cold drinks perfectly chilled for up to 12 hours in this rugged bottle.

High quality construction that should give you years of use. Easy to clean, fill, and drink from. Even filled with ice, the bottle will not sweat.

The interior of the bottle is all stainless steel. This bottle is free of BPA and Phthalates, and is made with food-grade, 18/8 stainless steel.

When it comes to using water bottle I do prefer glass or stainless steel, so I am happy to be telling you about the MIRA Stainless steel water bottle that is shaped like a cola bottle. I honestly have not ever had a stainless steel water bottle in this shape & now after using this one I really like the design. It is great quality, fits in a cup holder, fits in your hand well, vacuum seals, does not get wet on the outside (sweat), is a great blue color, & kept my water a nice cool temp for me. It says that water will remain cold for 12 hours, I have not tried yet, I drink all of the water to fast to know 🙂

My teenage daughter has now claimed this bottle as her own, she loves to take water on the go & blue is her favorite color, so yea, I will never see or use this bottle again. But it is all good she can use it & she even said she thinks it is great & it does indeed keep water cold a long time.

This would make a great gift for anyone looking to take cold water on the go, great for kids & teens too. It easily fits in a cup holder, purse, bookbag, diaper bag etc.

To buy Insulated Double Wall Vacuum Water Bottle by MIRA Brands on Amazon click here.


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