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“Contact me shut down”

Sorry I have had to shut down the contact me form. I am hoping this is only temporary but it was done for a couple reasons. #1 far to many were asking medical advice, #2 far to many were sending scam messages making it very hard to find the real fan questions in all the emails. #3 I get hate mail, honestly if you do not like reviews why are you reading my blog? #4 I get questions I just do not even understand, I wont embarrass anyone & post them here just trust me. #5 Some do not enter their email properly meaning I try to respond, it comes back undelivered & then because they think I did not answer they start putting mean comments on posts here on my blog or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. So even though my explanation is long I do apologize to my wonderful fans. However if you have a question please contact me on my Facebook page or comment on the post your question is about.


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