Review: 5HTP by Chronos Pharma – Helps you sleep better , boost your mood

Help you make you feel happy and fulfilled again – Help you feel less anxious and depression prone – Help you sleep better and more restfully –  Get rid of your emotional eating – Get rid of unpleasant headaches.

Extracted from the Griffonia Simplicfolia plant, 5HTP is a NATURAL substance that will greatly improve your MOOD, ease DEPRESSION & ANXIETY symptoms, help you SLEEP better and more RESTFULLY, help you take CONTROL of your emotional EATING, among many other benefits!

Helps fight fibromyalgia & headaches.

Chronos Pharma 5HTP

I love 5 HTP it has totally gotten rid of my insomnia, & I am happy to be recommending this 5HTP by Chronos Pharma. 5HTP is one of those supplements I did not even realized existed until earlier this year. And in just under a year I am totally singing the praises of this amazing product extracted from the Griffonia Simplicfolia plant.

5 years ago I had cancer & I started chemo, with chemo & natural I survived but was left with the side effects from the chemo such as insomnia. Yes I took natural products & some worked well off & on, but none worked all the times & I had what I called peak insomnia spells that lasted 2 to 3 weeks that nothing could stop happening, that is until 5HTP.

My body seems to react so well to 5HTP & I have had a 98% improvement in my sleeping pattern. I do still have a restless, sleepless night every so often, but who doesn’t? For me I have found taking 1 Chronos Pharma 5HTP about a half hour before bed is what works for me. The Chronos Pharma 5HTP does not upset my stomach, is easy to swallow & does not make me overly drowsy, as a matter of fact it does not make me drowsy it just helps me sleep.

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